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Peace boards offers a wide and colorful range of handcrafted Surf Skate, cruisers and longboards   made of high-quality materials and suitable for a wide variety of Riding styles Surf skates, Dancing, Carving, Cruising, Freestyle and more.

Our models are designed both for beginners and advanced skaters. Perfect for those who this is their first board and also for those who wish to take their ride to the next level.

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Surf skate

Surf the street and parks with Peace Surf skate ,patent Charger-x Truck for flowless ride.

Peace Super Surf skate bring you to the next Dimension

Skateboarding and surfing have always been closely related.
The feeling of riding a skateboard has a lot in common with that of riding a wave on a surfboard. But there is a special breed of skateboards specifically designed to emulate surfing: 
PEACE SURF SKATE Charger-x. If you’re a street surfer or if you’re looking to get into surfing soon, then Peace surf skate is the board for you.

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Street surfing fun outdoor challenging lifestyle
Surf the concrete wave

Peace surf skate

Available in 3 sizes: 28” / 31” / 33”

Charger-x pro

Available in 2 sizes: 31” / 28”
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Peace dance board

Available in 1 sizes: 45”
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