How do I choose a Size for my surf skate?

The length of a surfskate is mainly chosen based on your height and weight. It also affects the style we have, our level and what we want to do. In principle the rule is: low and light rider, shorter board; tall and heavy rider, longer board.

Which size of the surf skate suits me best?

Height   Weight Surfskate Length

 under 155cm     25kg – 55kg        under 30″

 150cm – 170cm (5”0` – 5”7`)        40kg – 75kg        27 – 31”

 160cm – 181cm (5”3` – 5”11`)      50kg – 85kg        30 – 32”

 165cm – 187cm (5”4` – 6”2`)        60kg – 90kg        31”- 33”

 175cm – 193cm (5″7` – 6”4`)        70kg – 100kg      32”- 35”

 182cm – 203cm (6”0`- 6”8`)         85kg – 120kg      34”- 39”

The table serves as a guideline for the selection of a surfskate. But nothing is carved in stone. Depending on the use and purpose, the table can also be ignored: For example, if you are looking for a Mini Cruiser Surfskate for the city and are bigger than 180cm, you can easily do this with a board under 30″. Conversely, someone who is lighter and would like to drive long carves or want to cover more distance can take a longer board. However, you should always check if the length of the board still sutis with your normal stance, ideally you are able to position your feet above the rear truck and slightly behind the front truck.

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