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here is a video testing the basic turn movement/mobility and comparing the CX4 by Carver and the advancing truck (CHX) by Charger X. Due to it takes more than 3mins I have added some music made by myself 

I feel the difference clearly in the traction in turns, where the CX4 has gotta raise in the air when the CHX keeps holding the grip on the ground to track so you can move even deeper with more power as well. 
I do not feel any loss of stability; pushing by foot on this skateboard is totally stable. Fast rides are stable as well – just keep on moving properly and stay body-stance-conscious.

The ability to get into a deeper turn allow you to even turn in slower speed with more pressure on your body and training your memory muscles.

Tech data:
– CX4 weights less
– CHX angels like the Carver C7 truck, moves like CX4Brand Peaceboards comes from Tel Aviv, Israel, and represent a premium board with wooden boards and premium alu trucks.

Charger X is the provider of this truck system which also comes from Israel which also will offer boards with recycled plastic especially for kids for surfskate.

Al Ex Al Ex from All’bout Surfskate

Wai assembled with CHARGER X VS carver CX4 trucks ISPO 2018 , Munich Germany - Fabian Doerig review !

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