A little about us

Peace boards offers a wide and colorful range of handcrafted Surf Skate, cruisers and longboards   made of high-quality materials and suitable for a wide variety of Riding styles Surf skates, Dancing, Carving, Cruising, Freestyle and more.

Our models are designed both for beginners and advanced skaters. Perfect for those who this is their first board and also for those who wish to take their ride to the next level.

We promote the values of Peace, Freedom, Equality and Ecological sensitivity, together form a Community of Peace-loving skaters all over the world.
The brand was launched in ISPO Germany 2016 by Alon Vanounou and Nitzan Begger at the annual extreme show ISPO Munich, and in Amsterdam.
Since then, Peace boards has always been about Street Surfing, and of capturing that joyous Feeling of flow on a skateboard. The Peace boards and later Charger X have led the modern Surf skate movement forward with its innovative truck systems, like Charger X truck  New Generation for a smooth and flowing ride, CX for a quick and snappy ride.  And with a Variety of Surf-inspired Deck shapes and Concaves, along with our fast and Grippy wheels, Peace boards and Charger X deliver speed, power and flow so you can truly Surf Skate.

It is important for us to be accessible to any style at the lowest price, the highest quality and the Most personal service there is NO Nonces warrantee, in order to build an international Community that initiates social gatherings around the Surf Skate world, a family with values of Equality, Peace, love, Respect, towards each other and towards our Planet Environment.