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  • phantom


    CHARGER-X PHANTOM PRO STUNT SCOOTER PHANTOM TEAM RIDER CHARGER-X suitable for pro riders age 8 up maximum rider of 100 kg The Phantom will cover all You needs. PHANTOM TEAM RIDER STUNT SCOOTER –PRO CHARGER-X Line of 2022 This is a stunt scooter designed for the best that exists from your scooter! This is an…

  • swift


    CHARGER-X SWIFT STUNT SCOOTER Is the stunt scooter which is a great choice for beginners to intermediate level This is a brand-new model!!! –  best development experience and work in the field and leading the field of stunt scooters Comes with grip handles – large grips, 110mm full core wheels and a wider tread, 4…

  • xxx pro


    CHARGER-X XXX PRO EXTREM STUNT SCOOTER Stunt scooter XXX PRO EXTREM XXX PRO EXTREM CHARGER-X suitable from age 8 to weight100 kg maximum rider Triple X Extreme Pro Scooter World Class Best Stunt Scooter XXX PRO EXTREM Stunt Scooter – CHARGER-X SCOOTER Line of 2022 This is a stunt scooter designed for you, if you’re…