CH-X Bullet Hooks 31″


Eco-Friendly 31″ board Made from recycled car bumpers

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Eco-Friendly 31″ board Made from recycled car bumpers fused with High impact reinforced Poly Propelling.  Patented 7″ nylon carbon Surf-trucks design, provide Explosive extra angel for easy pumping. Patented cool futuristic design with easy to carry double handles, Single kick super grip concave deck with light flex makes it easy for carving and cruising, Abec11 bearings with a built-in spacer for a smooth and fast ride.

A unique “bullet hooks” surface grip that nails your feet to the deck, providing a super lock while pumping and carving the board.

  • 7″ Truck Nylon CHARGER X patented SurfTruck
  • 92A HRS 15mm x15mm bushing
  • Some will have softer 85A HRS bushing
  • 8 mm rubber riser
  • Abec11 built-in spacer
  • 75×52 / 65×52 PU 85A HRS High rebound wheels
  • Sand finish wheels for easy Drifting and carving
  • Best for street cruising and pumping
  • Carbon print-like design

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 50 × 18 × 8 cm