SOUTHBAY VERVE 8′ 9’premium beginner softboard


The 8’ Verve measures in at 96” x 23” x 3”, 74L of Volume. Designed by Surfers, influenced by traditional beginner shapes, the 8’ Verve Heritage is the perfect beginner surfboard for any and all trying to learn how to surf.

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Performance Focused Shape:
  • 96” x 23” x 3”, 80L of Volume
  • Influenced by traditional, beginner friendly mini-log shapes
  • Rounded nose for easier paddling and wave catching ability
  • Widened chest area for easier pop-ups and improved board stability
  • Rounded out tail kept pretty wide, improves buoyancy and stability when catching waves
  • Entry level rocker in the nose to help prevent pearling
  • Slight exit rocker in the tail to maintain speed but keep the board maneuverable
  • Hand tapered rails – the rails of the board are thicker in center of board, thin out gradually towards tail and nose. This helps keep the board’s rail locked into the wave’s face and also allows for cleaner transitions in the board’s turns
  • Double Concave bottom deck, from the nose to the tail.
  • Double concave helps channel the water more efficiently to the board’s fins
  • Semi-Hard Rails – Soft outside, hard inside.
  • 3 fin performance thruster screw-through fins
Premium Custom Materials:
  • Custom wax-free ‘fingerprint’ textured ixpe foam top deck
  • Diamond-weave hdpe plastic bottom deck
  • Custom molded shapes with floated stringers
  • Lightweight EPS closed-cell foam core
  • Triple Stringer System: 2 wooden stringers + 1 fiberglass rod stringer
  • Bamboo Body Armor – one bamboo wood layer on top and bottom deck – greatly improves durability and resistance to heat damage
  • One layer of 6oz fiberglass on top & bottom deck
  • Cleanup sanding and glassing all done by the hands of experienced shapers
  • Heat-release valve for additional heat damage prevention
  • Non-slip rubber die cut logo
  • Rubber tail bumper for safe vertical storage
  • Easy carry handle
Each 8′ Verve Surfboard Includes:
  • (1) 8’ Verve Premium Beginner Surfboard
  • (3) Soft Top Surfboard fins (thruster set) and fin screws
  • (1) 8′ Leash