h2ox kiteboard 138cm



Surfboard size 138cm length   41cm wide
TT Kiteboard Freestyle, Twin tip, for freestyle kitesurfing adapted to provide the beginner kite surfer up to the professional kite surfer,
In all surfing conditions. The surfboard excels in advancing upwind, hovering over turbulent water and performing fast and expected jumps for the surfer.

The edges of the surfboard are flexible to absorb shocks when landing into the water and provide great comfort when surfing. Very versatile structure for adapting to changing surfing conditions
One kiteboard that does everything, around the seasons and the changing surfing conditions.

The edges of the kiteboard are slightly flexible to provide comfort and shock absorption when landing into the water.
Reinforcement against longitudinal and lateral torsion for easy and complete control and driving
A symmetrical   rocker with a V drive bottom for easy transition that allows bathing over white and turbulent water.
The kiteboard corners have been redesigned for rigidity, carrying resistance and water performance
Medium flex  for smooth Cadillac ride