CH-X SWIFT stunt scooter



Is the stunt scooter which is a great choice for beginners to intermediate level

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This is a brand-new model!!! –  best development experience and work in the field and leading the field of stunt scooters

Comes with grip handles – large grips,

110mm full core wheels and a wider tread, 4 inches (100mm) wide. This is without a doubt a great scooter for beginner to start for any rider, with the option to upgrade the scooter along the way with improved performance levels

110mm full core wheels with unique polyurethane tire compound, 100mm tread


Grips: 150mm Two colors of both colors are model dependent mandolin

T Bar handle 1 piece – 18 inches (45.7 cm) width by 22 inches (55.8 cm) height

Clump:  handlebar Clump 4 nuts connection press made of aluminum alloy 6061.

Echo Set: Integral head bearing kit, high quality bearings for handlebar bearing in relation to the guidance surface for extremely high performance. The bearings are hidden and assembled directly into the thin neck and are not exposed to injury.

Fork: A highly advanced fork without screws   of 120mm, and a head bearing fastening method

Wheels: 110mm with a core   filled with a unique polyurethane compound.

Of Mud Chalk rated ABEC-7 for high speeds.

Thin: 4-inch (100mm) wide stepping surface and 19 inches (48 cm) long aluminum alloy 6061

Grip: Anti-slip surface on the entire trigger with charger-X-print

Brake: Rear wheel brake for 110mm wheel diameter.

Designed for riders up to 100 kg and 6 years of age or older

Total weight: 3.05 kg