PEACE-BOARDS Zebra Grevy’s 28″


Cruiser Surf Skate/ Carving machine

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ZEBRA Gravy’s 28” PEACE Board, Deep concave Fish tail deck made from Bamboo, inspired by
surfers And designed for the street together with the CHARGER X (CHX) Surf Skate trucks, Turns this
cruiser board to self-propel carving machine with high maneuvers abilities for pumping and Carving
the concrete wave.  ideal for beginners and advanced skaters who want to surf the streets parks
,Carve and slide. Good kick tail and small front kick,The Patent handle for easy carry allows
grab, quick turns, and perform fun tricks.
Board style: Cruiser Surf Skate/ Carving machine
board Length: 28″, 70 mm
Width: 9″, 220mm
Wheel Base: 14″
Deck: Top mount, Deep concave, 100% Canada Maple
Flex: stiff
Truck: 6.5″, 156mm CHARGER X (CHX) Surf trucks
Wheels: 65mm x 50mm 78a high rebound square lip shape, PU sand finish
Bearing: Abec 11 Carbon Steel bearings
Bushings: SHR PU 88A 25 x 15 mm
Spacer: Built inn bearing
Riser: 8mm